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Navagent -- Info Agents

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Navagent provides many dozens of cool specialty Surf Machine agents you can download as they become available on the web site. You also can contribute your own Surf Machine agents. Most popular agents will be regularly updated on this page.

Agents posted here have details describing them if you click-on 'more info'. Below is a list of agents you can click on to download as a ZIP file you can place into your desktop PC agent library. Bookmark this page or sign-up below to be alerted by email when new agents are posted.

Our first software product offering combines personalized deep search, right brain 3D navigation, metric data mining, media and text extract retrieval, browsing automation, and remote notification and alerts to any device.

This is delivered as an all in one seamless agent application tool. This tool can generate a variety of professional web navigation information agents, or Info Agents, which:

  • Provide an integrated solution for client side content retrieval and alerts
  • Are client-side search agents that find web content for professional users
  • Are fast C++ application programs running on all Windows platforms and use OpenGL graphics
  • Have a small memory download footprint
  • Can change as templates to quickly customize new agents

Our software platform provides you with an out-of-the-box personal web search engine, high density 3D web visualization, web data profiling and analysis, dynamic data smart tags, and web alerts and reports, all in easy to customize packages.

Our mission is to help people navigate the information explosion and save time. We're exploiting our technology to solve dozens of immediate business intelligence challenges facing companies and professional web users today - how to save time, and increase the quality of information and resources gleaned off the web - for business and consumer users.

Users use different specialty Info-Agents for many different kinds of browsing automation jobs on many different web sites, including information agents for:

  • Auction houses - supercharge auction searches
  • E-commerce portals
  • Databases query
  • Search engines
  • Portal directories
  • Message boards
  • Government data sites
  • Competitor tracking
  • Product price tracking
  • Stock and economic alerts
  • Web page change detection
  • Monitoring government filings
  • Following federal and state legislation
  • News alerts for different topics and sites
  • Academic papers research
  • Database mining
  • Domain name monitoring
  • Music downloading
  • Picture downloading
  • Website summaries
  • Search results sifting

Info-Agents can be rapidly deployed, provide immediate return on investment through:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Saved time and resources

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