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You want to be freed up from so much web information overload, yet you don't want to miss a thing. How do you sort through all the flood of sites and web pages to visit? You already use all the right stuff, you go to your favorite search engines, specialty sites, and portal search services, and your favorite bookmarks you revisit regularly. You may even use the advanced search features at the search engine sites, Heaven forbid.

If you're a regular web user who uses search engines, auction sites, news sources, reads message boards, tracks stocks, or watches sports, or if you just use the web to download pictures or music files, Surf3D can supercharge your web life. Surf3D returns power to the people in web browsing. Surf3D is your on-line automatic personal web browser.

Surf3D is easy enough to use you don't have to understand the authoring system tool to get value out of Surf3D agents. Just click to load it and go to the web site or results or link list that you want to selectively harvest and search from, and at a click you launch agents to get what information and media you want, and concentrate it the way you want it. See and preview the web results from any search engine results list.

No worries if you can't be bothered by complicated looking tools. You can simply enjoy the 3D network graphics screensaver. Or simply use prepackaged Surf3D agents to do your bidding with a click or two. We built libraries of ready-to-go Surf3D agents to do all kinds of web browsing and analysis chores for you.

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