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The Surf3D Software

Surf3D is your on-line information explosion personal assistant. Surf3D supercharges web browsing with 3D cyberspace you can navigate. Surf3D is a small desk top software application that can even get smart web browsing done while you're asleep. Surf3D is a raft of products in one:

  • a web data mining tool,
  • a 3D browser,
  • a personal search engine,
  • a content harvesting tool,
  • a browser extension assistant, and
  • a personal agent construction setů

ALL integrated together. We have unified all these capabilities into one product and made it as easy to use as a simple screensaver or a 'one-click' web assistant. Or as deeply customized as desired using the user authoring controls.

Saving Time and Resources
Surf3D helps meet the ongoing challenge of personal web search and retrieval by BOTH automating and visualizing the web search process. Surf3D can help speed-up, specialize and deepen any web search and file retrieval. To accomplish this, Surf3D provides time and resource saving web cyberspace visualization overviews and 3D web navigation.

Pointing the Way in Cyberspace
Surf3D lets you take off the blinders and really see the 3D web you are surfing, and sight and catch the exact information waves you want. Surf3D can be pointed at anything on the web, wherever you are on the web, at any search engine, or at any portal, or in any web site message board community. Surf3D lets you see your internet search as a 3D network cyberspace, giving you a birds eye view of the net you're surfing.

Surfing and Monitoring the Web
Use Surf3D as a 3D interactive web navigation tool or simply enjoy it as a screensaver. Surf3D frees you up while your computer works to find what you want on the net. Use Surf3D as a screensaver and watch your own on-line search building up on the screen as a live-3D cyberspace network overview. Use Surf3D as a tool, and point and click and navigate 3D network space you're searching as intuitive animated symbolic cyberspace. Set up notification, alerts and personalized email reports.

Web Agent Construction Kit
Surf3D lets the user customize all the information finding and gathering steps. Used as a tool, Surf3D helps you pull together all the steps of search, retrieval, analysis and presentation into easy to use pre-packaged agents.

Operating Online on Your PC
You run Surf3D from your own computer, which includes your own internet search engine, your own graphical view of the internet, your own data analysis style, your own report formatting and ranking, and your own alerts and notification scheduler. Surf3D lets you have your own easy-to-customize info-search agents harvest from the net using any web information service on the net.

Browser Integrated
Surf3D works with your browser, or can operate without it. You can grab URL's from the browser and launch new searches at any location on the web. You can launch the browser to open to any point of interest catching your eye in the cyberspace landscape.

3D Cyberspace Navigation
Surf3D lets you easily visualize the overview of your web search cyberspace from multiple points of view. You see the cyberspace network visualized and animated as symbols, colors and in different relational layouts and styles. Surf3D delivers real-time interactive 3D network visualization navigation controls include multiple preset network views for each info-agent, 3D point and click, flight simulation, rotation locking, directional scrolling on any axis, line-of-sight tracking, zoom, fish-eye viewing, multi-view angle switching, multi-axis network rotation, and color metric data coding. (Whew! Did you actually read that?). While this mouthful sounds pretty complicated, actually seeing the search space from many different points of view helps you to find what you want, by seeing the big picture in cyberspace.

Search, Retrieve, View, Review, Alert
Surf3D executes a Discover, Analyze, Summarize and Report process:

Search penetrate where search engines leave off
Retrieval bring back any web file and preview
Navigation see all hits at-a-glance
Analysis metrics and ranking the way you want
Notification be updated anywhere, anytime
Delivery concentrated click-free browsing
Privacy maximum fair-use content access
Personalization easy to create and use specialty agents

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Download time: approx. 1.5 minutes at 28 kbps!

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