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Smart Alerts
Navagent provides free email alerts to Surf3D users. Surf3D information agents can look for and watch for anything you want on the web, even look for rates of change, and alert you wherever you are. Navagent is developing 'all-destination' services so users can have their alerts and smart automatic web browsing summary reports can be posted to websites, sent via email, instant messaging, fax, phone, PDA, and alphanumeric or numeric pagers. Navagent offers specialty destination and report formatting services to business application clients. But for the rest of us, we can use desktop Surf3D as a productivity screensaver performing personalized, private web information gathering and news alert services for us. And in this day and age, that is a very good thing.

Optional Web Services
Navagent provides Surf3D users customer support and update services using the web. Web services include web search agent development consulting for integrated business applications, new info agents, product upgrades, business agent suite subscriptions.

System Requirements
Surf3D is a Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP compatible desktop application. Surf3D also works on Macs using Connectix Virtual PC. (Check back for editions coming out on Mac and Linux platforms.) Surf3D uses the OpenGL standard common to all PCs for animation display. Surf3D graphics benefit as much from faster PC CPU speed as specialty graphics cards. A sub $100 graphics card in a fast PC delivers about the same performance as a medium speed PC with a G2 graphics accelerator card.

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Download time: approx. 1.5 minutes at 28 kbps!

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