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PUBLIC BETA Build 1296

Surf3D Productivity Screen Saver

Surf3D Productivity Screen Saver - Search and Visualize Cyberspace in Animated Three Dimensions.
(C) 2002 by Navagent Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.
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Surf3D Public Beta is a freeware product.
FREE distribution only.

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The zip file has contains three files:


Windows 95 or better.
Compatible with Internet Explorer 4.x or greater, Netscape Navigator 4.x or greater.
Requires 65 MBytes of temporary storage to install, 35 MBytes after manual deletion of the install program.


To install Surf3D, run the program: Install-Surf3D.exe
To un-install Surf3D, run the program: Uninstall-Surf3D.exe

During the installation process, follow these steps:

0. Insure that you have an un-Zip utility installed.
1. Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button at Surf3D ( )
2. A File Download window will open... click on the OPEN button
3. The Zip utility window will open
4. Click on the "I AGREE" button on the Zip utility window window.
5. The Zip utility window window showing the downloaded Files will appear.
6. Double click on the INSTALL-SURF3D.exe file shown in the Zip utility window window.
7. The Surf3D Install ann Setup window will appear.
8. Click on the VIEW button to read the User License. When done click on the OK button.
9. Click the check box next to I ACCEPT, if you agree with the terms of the License Agreement.
10. Then click on the NEXT button on the same window.
11. A window titled Select a Directory for installation which shows the default
installation path c:\Program Files\Surf3D\
12. If this location is ok for you, click the NEXT button.
13. A window titled Finalize appears, click on the FINISH button.
If you want to cancel installation click the CANCEL button.
If you want to re-read the License Agreement, click on the GO BACK button.
14. If you clicked the FINISH button, Surf3D will now finsih installation.


Surf3D can be enjoyed as a simple screensaver. It displays animated views of cyberspace that the Surf3D agent has traversed and discovered.
When you download the program, and install it as a screensaver, you can access the screensaver controls using the standard Windows Control Panel folder for the Display controls. Click on the screensaver tab, and select Surf3D. To immediately see Surf3D screensaver click on the Preview button.

To use the Force Chain screensaver mode, where you can see multiple agents and their associated views all chained together into the screensaver display, you MUST have installed the screensaver into the Program Files folder (the suggested location in the install program). Please re-install Surf3D again to the suggested location to use the cool Force Chain mode so you can see lots MORE VARIETY of views! Then to use Force Chain, just set the slider about one third to the right.

To select a different agent to view in the screensaver mode, click on Settings, and click on the Select Module button. Select an agent module from the list. To see multiple views of the same agent in the screensaver, move the Randomize Timer slider to the right about 1/10th the way, click OK and then click Preview to see the display. If you want the display to switch to different views more or less often, go back and set the Randomize slider further to the left or right, respectively.

To better understand what your screensaver views are showing, click on Caption Enable, which shows an abbreviated text explanation of the view you are seeing of the web data, each time it changes to a different view.

To get a very short explanation of each of the screensaver Settings controls, click on Help.

To know more about the Surf3D agent you have selected to view as a screensaver, click on Module Info.

To better understand what your screensaver agent can do, click on Module Info, which displays details for the particular Agent you are viewing as a screensaver. If you wish to use the Agent on the web, select Edit Module, and that will open the Surf3D software development tool and runtime controls for your use.

When you click on Edit Module, a brief explanation page will appear that describes the Editor. When you click the OK button the editor will open.

You can have more than one Agent running at once. Each Agent opens its own Editor. The Editor is where you configure the operation of Surf3D Agent modules that are used by the scr;.eensaver. Using the editor you can load, edit, save, and run the modules directly on the web.

Alternatively, the editor may be run as a stand-alone application outside of the screensaver Settings by running the program NAV8.EXE which is located in the directory where the screensaver is installed, which by default is C:\program files\surf3d.

Screensaver Modules are Agents.

Modules that are created with the editor may be used in several ways: Modules that are run outside of the Editor will act as Agents. To access modules directly from the desktop (or other locations) create shortcuts and then drag or copy them to the desired location. Note: Surf3D modules use a .XO file extension.

Outside of the screensaver, multiple modules may be run simultaneously as Agents - limited only by resources and bandwidth.

If you wish to use a agent module online while in screensaver mode, select the agent module from the screensaver settings Select Agent command, then open the Edit Module from the screensaver, and open the Agent Configuration window, and in the Agent Start area click the Continue check box. If you want a browser HTML report ready, then in the Final Actions area, then check the Report box.

If you want to start the agent without any prior saved results, you will need to Save-As Empty. Now, when the screensaver activates, it will run until done, and when you return to your computer and interrupt the screensaver, you can open the Agent Editor and open the agent you saved and all the collected results will be available. If you interrupt the agent screensaver before it is done, then the report will not be there yet, and you will need to open the Editor Module from the screensaver settings window, and then click on the Report icon (or pull down menu Report selection).

For more instructions, please go to the website URL:
and also:


This document is for informational purposes only. This software is provided "as is" and is without warranty of any kind. The author of this software does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the use or results of use of this software in terms of reliability, accuracy or fitness for purpose. You assume the entire risk of direct or indirect, consequential or inconsequential results from the correct or incorrect usage of this software even if the author has been informed of the possibilities of such damage. Neither the author nor anybody connected to this software in any way can assume any responsibility.

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