Surf 3D -- Features

The current Surf3D feature set:

Client-side Surf3D application
Desktop agents online (unlimited depending on bandwidth and computer)
Productivity screensaver (1 agent at a time)
Toolbar icon controls
40 included sample agents
5000 web page node visits per agent run
Agent authoring editor
Boolean search engine (AND, OR)
Numeric and text metric search navigation
Agent runtime dashboard control
Collect any file type (jpg, gif, mp3, pdf, fls, doc, exe, html, etc)
Smart web spidering navigation
Agent launch by double clicking shortcut icon on desktop
Open web browser at any 3D using point and click
Agent start, pause, stop and continue commands
Network operations control panel
Referrer and ID control
Time outs control
Web page content filtering

3D Boolean evaluation display
3D tree fan display
3D star sphere display
3D spiral display type
3D XYZ metric distribution display
3D topic layer zoning display type
3D cube URL and file path proximity placement
3D web page node title text flags
3D graphic live online search animation
3D point and click
3D flight simulation mode
8 saved 3D animated information views per agent
3D Topical label color coding
3D Graphic view text title caption

Alternate instant ranking based on metric counts
Rich HTML reports open in browser
Email reports in plain text format
Alternate agent start condition settings
Numeric threshold and rate of change based alerts
Multi-agent chaining and third-party application launching
Get web browser URL as a new starting point
Use HTML results of agent as starting point for another agent
Agent scheduling using Windows and agent action configuration

Built-in point and click docs for control panel functions
On-line documentation (in progress)

Works with Internet Explorer 4.x and better or Netscape 4.7 or better
Works with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
Works with Connectix Virtual PC 5.x for Macintosh (Win 98)

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