Surf 3D -- File Retrieval - Explanation

Go the Agent Action Configuration page for a graphical explanation

Surf3D provides an Agent Configuration control panel for setting up:

1. Agent Start conditions, including Open an Agent, begin a fresh Agent run, continuing a prior agent run, and getting a fresh URL from the browser and beginning a fresh Agent run.

2. File acquisition and capture of any file types using the file type suffix, such as jpeg, jpg, gif, Mp3, pdf, ps, doc, exe, etc. Any file type can be collected for later off-line browsing and use.

3. Capture size setting which limits the number of bytes that a file can have to be collected, and also places a minimum number of bytes to eliminate gathering files that are too small for your need.

4. Finish Tests with total number of Pages Limit, Metric Test finish conditions, Rate of Change detection, negative number handling

5. Agent Retry scheduling

6. Agent final Actions including:

a. E-mail alerts, with fixed message text plus dynamic Agent report     attachment.

b. Agent to Agent chaining, such as passing the results of one     Agent to another to work on, and third party software     application launching.

c. Sounding a Bell or Alarm.

d. Automatically opening the browser with a formatted Report.


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