Surf 3D -- Current Release - KeyWord & Logic Explanation

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Surf3D provides you with your own personalized search engine that can add value to almost any third party search engine or site search on the web.

When you open an Agent using the Editor, a toolbar appears over a graphical display window. Clicking on the 'X' icon opens the search logic control window titled AGENT. This control panel window includes:

1. Boolean OR (ANY OF) and AND (ALL OF) lines for entering search terms.

Terms entered into the ANY and ALL lines are evaluated on a left to right basis, and a web page will be found TRUE if any of the -Any of- terms are found.

If an -All of- term is entered, the page will return a TRUE only if one of the -Any of- terms PLUS all of the -All of- terms are present on the web page.

This operates like any search engine, such as Google or Hotbot, but provides additional control by using both OR Boolean plus AND Boolean search word terms.

A logical NOT can be added to any word term in the -Any of- entry line, or to any term in the -All of- entry line, or to any LINK TEST term.

2 (a). Three METRIC channels for entering keywords to be counted on web pages or keywords to be used to extract sentences from web pages such as news articles or patents or descriptions of goods or blogs or usenet messages for example.

2 (b). In addition these METRIC channels are used to filter and collect specific numbers, rates of change of numbers, such as stock prices, weather temperatures, and wind speed for example.

3. Surf3D can search the web or a web site on an open-ended basis. Like major search engines do, Surf3D can spider a web site and follow the links in that web site to other web sites.

Web page filtering controls include LINK TEXT, EXCLUDE, and INCLUDE entry lines, and the NAV SETTINGS control sub-window. Using these features allows you to develop Agents that will ignore gathering certain links, focus on gathering other links, and specifically include or exclude certain URLs to be gathered by the Agent.

The NAV SETTINGS control provides a means to use calculated METRIC values to control search navigation, and to limit following links on any page based on the Boolean value obtained for the web page.

4. START DOMAIN and STARTING FILE entry lines can be automatically filled in by clicking on the GET URL button on the Agent control panel. This gets the URL and file path as shown in your open web browser window.

Surf3D works with Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. The GET URL button grabs the URL on your active browser window. If the browser is not open, you can type the URL, or paste it from another file.

5. The Agent search control panel provides runtime status info including the TOTAL links found, the number of pages DONE, the number of pages found TRUE, and the number of FILES gathered.

To set up file harvesting see the AGENT Configuration panel (click on the *magnifying glass* icon in the toolbar).

6. Surf3D shows many web pages at once in three dimensions using OpenGL in the main toolbar window display.

The Agent window also shows the current POINTER Title and POINTER URL highlighted, and the name of the CURRENT URL being visited by the program.

FOR MORE IN DEPTH INFO on search logic used by different search engines on the net, click on the Education button at the top of

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