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The main toolbar window 3D display provides users with a variety of ways to look at cyberspace, the web and what has been discovered and evaluated. Color is used to denote pages that are found the be True, False, and those Unknown pages which have not been visited, but which links for which have been found.

There are five main display types: Fan, Sphere, Cube, Zone, and Metric.

1. Fan produces a standard 3D tree with the starting page at the top.

2. Sphere produces a spherical radial star display with the starting page in the center.

3. Cube produces a semi-random web page layout where the 3D coordinate for any web page depends on both the domain name text and the file path text.

4. Zone produces a variation on Cube display, with up to six elevation zones. Zone placement can be controlled by domain type (.com, .net, .edu, .org, .gov, .mil) or on the basis of any other text you may desire which is found in the URL or URL title. For example sections of a web site can be placed into different elevations, or different domain names can be placed into the standard zone elevations.

5. Metric distributed web page nodes into different axes depending on the counts evaluated in the different Metric channels A, B or C, corresponding to 3D axes X, Y, and Z.

Clicking on the 3-dot icon on the main toolbar open the Display control panel. This panel provides numerous controls to set up different views of the web network, including grid lines, metric elevation views, rotation rates and direction, connector lines between pages, node sizing, color, text flags, bar graph style, digit display, fish eye view angle, node tracking, flight simulation special mode, and cloaking to hide the network display and show a starfield.


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